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Start Your Own Crayon Shack®

License Opportunities

Now is the best time to start and own a Crayon Shack®! Become a Licensee and start helping kids unlock and discover their artistic abilities. Leverage from the powerful and fun brand Crayon Shack® and all of it's marketing materials. This winning concept offers children opportunities to learn and grow through Art, Music and STEM. 

Revenue Centers

Crayon Shack® After School- A structured program that satisfies children enrichment and a place kids can be taken care of while parents get out of work to pick them up. 

Crayon Shack® Birthday Parties- A Paint N' Play concept that combines both art and a time to play in a bounce house, do some karaoke, and eat shaved ice. 


Crayon Shack® Camps- A variety of themed camps that allow children to paint, animate, and act out their original stories and characters.

Tico Ice® Concessions- Add a concession stand to your program by serving shaved ice, cotton candy, popcorn and Italian Ice. 

A Unique Opportunity

Crayon Shack® was founded in 2024 by Rock Zone School Of Music's co-founder Johnny Juarez. As an educator, Mr. Johnny has brought over a decade of experience in creating dynamic Children's Programs. This business can be setup in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting or as a mobile program. Earn a high profit business that can be both owner-operated or absentee-owner. Receive on-going marketing and operations support.

Licensee Opportunity VS. Franchise Opportunity

Crayon Shack® License Opportunity can help you start

your own business with as little as $5,000

Crayon Shack® License Fee- Starts at $1,000/year

What do you get:

  • Become Licensed to teach Crayon Shack® Lessons 

  • Training And Support

  •  Access to ongoing marketing material media for print and digital outlets

  • Discounts on Tico Ice® and Crayon Shack® merchandise 

  • As a Licensee you have the opportunity to create and implement ideas that you come up with versus having a rigid Franchise agreement

  • Mobile License- $1,000/year | Brick-And-Mortar License- $3,000/year: This is an affordable investment versus similar Franchises that have initial fees of $49,000 + up 

  • No Royalties 

Steps To Get Started


1. Request information (

2. Interview with a CS on-boarding representative

3. Complete background check and fill out the application questionnaire

4. Sign Agreement

5. Start Day 1 of your new journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the License Fee?

A mobile license allows you to be home based and offer the program to local daycares, schools and camps. The current License Fee is $1,000/year and has to be renewed by Dec. 31st every year at the License Fee rate of the new year. 

A Brick-And-Mortar License Fee allows you to open a retail location in a territory of up to 100,000 people. This current initial License Fee is $3,000/year and has to be renewed by Dec. 31st every year at the rate of the new year. You may purchase additional territory if you'd like by letting your Account Manager know. 

How much capital do I need to start?

There are numerous factors to consider but opening a mobile program has a lot lower costs than a retail store. Items to consider when creating your budget will include: your lease, utility setup, signage, tables, chairs, paint, supplies, vehicles and whether to have concessions or not. Since this is a License and not a Franchise we will be your soundboard with the ideas you have for your location and can provide suggestions, however the layout and what you decide to do is at your discretion. Start up costs can go from $5,000 -$75,000 it's all up to you

How much space do I need?

Our flagship store uses 3,000 sq ft however you could do well with a minimum of 1,500 sq ft. The more space you have the better it is for hosting bigger parties. 

Business Hours?

Operating a Crayon Shack® can be done either part-time or full-time. For example After School hours are typically from 3-6pm, Camps are longer from 10am-3pm, Birthday Parties are 2-3 hours, Open Play can be 90 mins to 3 hours. It all depends on what you'd like to offer and specialize in.

Where is this available?

Crayon Shack® is available in the USA 

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